I saw your ask on espei's tumblr. The person who does most outfit design and character concept art for tera is Stella. She has a pixiv.

Yeah! someone gave me the link just like you after they saw my ask. Thanks a lot for passing by and letting me know though. <3

kiwiiii sing us a song c: or read us a story !

Uhhhhh, sure! just pick a place and time~

I’m close to 200 followers ; 3 ;

You know what that meeaaans, giveaway soon~ (whenever my computer gets fixed, lolol)

In case you were wondering, burning breath does not work x:



Yesterday was one of the most frustrating days I’ve had in a while, so many bad -I gotta admit not everything was bad-stuff happened in a day is kind of hard to believe. Sometimes I really want to just close every single account I have, and just disappear. Actually, fuck closing accounts, just disappear.

For those who care, I’ll try to draw something soon. My head is a mess, anxiety and stress are hard to deal with (If I still even have a computer, since yesterday it refused to work at all)

I’m so tempted to close this Tumblr, I feel stupid for trying to be nice to people I don’t even know and they just look away…. but that would be bad for the few people that actually cares about my art. Ugh.

tldr; life2hard.

Can someone explain me the zombies in this video?





So has anyone else noticed that one of the winners of the blockbuster movie poster contest has a entry that looks ALOT like the Dracula Untold poster ‘u’~~??



LOL. G fucking G. I’m dying

I actually made a forum post about it. Both the dracula poster and the jaws poster are HORRIDLY edited and.. just, ugh.

LOL I figured when I saw this  that it was taken from another poster beacuse I highly doubt someone would take the time to do that wing fading away effect by themselves, I didn’t know where it was taken from tho. This is pretty funny.

The person who did this is prolly like GG, I WON DOING NOTHING.

dryosha ♥
can&#8217;t draw, i&#8217;ve to make sketch-like stuff and HUGE to see and it makes my head hurt, ugh. I DONT WANNA LAY IN BED, IS BORING, SOMEONE HALP.

dryosha ♥

can’t draw, i’ve to make sketch-like stuff and HUGE to see and it makes my head hurt, ugh. I DONT WANNA LAY IN BED, IS BORING, SOMEONE HALP.

I-I don’t know what to say

I get kind replies to pretty much every drawing I post, I just wanted to tell everyone I’ve no idea what to say besides thank you. >////<.

I suck at this but I really appreciate you guys being nice to me 

also, and this is very serious EVERYONE SHOULD READ “GIRLS OF THE WILD’S” IS AWESOME.

that’s all, back to reading because it’s all i can do #batlife

WTB time machine.

I want to buy a time machine to go back in time and do not fuck up breaking my contacts and being unhappily blind for a week.

I don’t like being a bat, it really sucks.

Commission for Suz from AV.

Commission for Suz from AV.

whats your blog title and what does it mean?

널 잊고 싶어 means “i want to forget” and is part of a korean song~

Be my friend so you can draw my super cute Castanic girl, yaay! <3

That’s not how friendhip works anon! haha

Do you only draw elins, or would you also draw a cute Castanic lady? o:

I can draw cute castanic ladies~, i just never got a friend with a castanic or a commission for one, lol (i dont have one myself. I don’t really like the way they walk >_< ….)


Hopefully this guideline that I put together will help you get a good start on your Wounded World adventures. See you all in the game.